DES 501 Assignment 3 Presentation

I’ts such a relief knowing this assignment is finally over. I was really happy with how our team presented today i felt everyone did really well and was also happy with how we did.

Towards the end of this assignment our team really pulled together at the last minute and got the work done. We were able to meet up quite a few times this week which allowed us to put in a lot of effort towards touching up our design of the website and discussing over the design aspects, preparing for the presentation.

Overall i really feel like this presentation was done as a team not as group everyone worked together and helped each other out when needed, we had a rough start but it ended up very well.



Blog Post 4 Case Study “I.Ts a Deal!”

  1. List your goals for the situation
  • Resolve the conflict, this could be difficult as without compromising
  • Build relationships between the staff and owners again
  • Build trust between one another
  • Negotiate with staff to form new ideas, that could result in more profit.

2. List the relevant issues

  • Mike and Maria are stuck in their ways not willing to adapt to social media
  • Kahu and Briar create social network pages to prove that it will improve profit for the business. They did this without gaining permission from Mike and Maria
  • Barry is angry that they wont listen to him and consider his off shore supplier that offers better deals.
  • Kahu has made a tweet that disrespects one of their largest competitors that has resulted in people reflecting badly on their company.

3. Identify everyone’s needs and wants

  • Kahu and Briar want to set up social networking to try and increase profits for the business
  • Barry is wanting to use off shore suppliers to boost profits for the business.
  • Maria wants to stick to the old ways and how the business has always been run.
  • Mike and Maria want to keep loyal to all their old suppliers.
  • Mike and Maria feel they are at a stage where they are comfortable to let the business stay the way it is, in order for them to have an easy life.

4. Identify the main options for approaching the situation

  • Talk to each staff member separately
  • Talk to all the staff members together
  • Give them the opportunity to speak and share their ideas
  • Bring in a neutral person to mediate the situation

5. What will you need to remember about your communication skills while                       conducting the meeting? (try to be specific)

  • Be assertive don’t get angry at the staff. Think about the staff and their side of the story and be empathetic. Don’t force your ideas on the staff but don’t just agree to everything, negotiate or comprise ways to suit everyone’s needs.

6. How will you manage Barry, who is apt to get angry?

  • Listen to Barry’s ideas and compare his ideas to the suppliers that are in place currently. And way up the options that both suit Mike, Maria and Barry.
  • Speak to Barry calmly avoid raising your voice as this could lead to him getting agitated.

7. How will you achieve and effective close to the meeting?

  • Once you establish that everyone is happy with the decisions made. When staff feel that no longer need to go and talk behind Mike and Maria’s back.
  • Schedule a follow up meeting to see if things have changed and the staff are happier with how things are being run.
  • Send out a summary of the meeting in writing so everyone can look over what has been said and see the changes that have been made.

DES 501 Assignment 3 Team Meeting 5 + 6

Having a team meeting with Liz after class was good as everyone in the team was present and it cleared up few things we were unsure about with the assignment and we were able to talk about the poor communication within the team. It was recommended that we really need to have a leader in our team otherwise it was going to be extremely hard for us to get get through the assignment.  We had a scheduled meeting for the next day and the member that best fitted the leadership roll said he’d be there so we could finally get some good progress done on the assignment.

The next meeting we had at our scheduled time it was just the usual three that turned up. We didn’t hear until a few hours hour later after our meeting that our leader couldn’t make it. I feel he should of messaged us at an earlier time to say he couldn’t make it but i do understand the situation he is in and i know he has a job that is hard to get time off.

The other member in our team literally has no reason to not turn up to our meetings to do some work, his excuses for not turning up is because he doesn’t see much point coming in to NMIT as his next class isn’t until 1. We have our meetings at 10 and they go to 1.  I find it very annoying as it just seems like he’s taking it as a joke as everyone’s doing the work for him. He has looked over our document where we have added our information for the aspects so its not like he won’t know what to see when it comes to the client pitch.

I don’t see what more we can do to try improve this situation. We have tried our best and organised times where everyone is available such as having Skype meetings at a later time in the afternoon.

We have managed to research all the aspects and were able to put in to words how they relate to our website. Next week we are focusing on practicing presenting our pitch which will involve dividing up the aspects between each member.

DES 501 Assignment 3 Team Meeting 3 + 4

Having the opportunity to have a meeting on the Thursday meant it gave us the time to discus the assignment with a member that can’t make it to our meetings. I feel this meeting really gave us a push in the right direction as he was familiar with designing websites and clarified what we were unsure about.  During this website we were able to design 2  pages of our website that everyone had some input into and were happy with the results.

The next day we had a meeting this involved making a third page of our website the page turned out good and everyone was happy with how it looked.

Everyone in the group is panicking a little bit now though as time is rushing up and we still haven’t done much when it comes to looking into the Aspects and linking them to our site. To overcome this we are going to try organize more meetings for our team this week so we can focus on getting the aspects done. I feel if we had more meetings this week we wont have to worry as much.


DES 501 Assignment 3 Team Meeting 2

Our team meetings haven’t really gone to plan so far  this assessment. The reason why i feel its not going well is because we haven’t really been prepared or have been unsure on what we’re suppose to be doing.

How can i improve this situation?

I feel we need to at the end of Des class go over what has been discussed during that class and decide what we’re going to do in the next meeting. If we’re unsure about anything then we will be able to ask the teacher for help.

DES 501 Assignment 2 Overview

What went well?

  • I feel that my team kept up their communication pretty well,  it could of been better but i found everyone let each other know if they couldn’t make it to a meeting or class.
  • Everyone in the team got along well with each other i found it was a good opportunity to get to know my class members. At the end of our team meetings we’d generally start talking about topics outside of course. I feel that i have grown a stronger connection with my team members.

What didn’t Work well?

  • We found it was really to hard to have a meeting with the whole team. We were only able to have one proper meeting together and that was due to having time at the end of class.  Even though one member couldn’t make the meetings due to Work he did end up contributing.
  • As we all couldn’t meet up at the same time it was sometimes had to work on different things of the report as were waiting for someone else to finish their piece.

My thoughts/Solutions

  • I feel there wasn’t much more we could really do to try and get everyone to the meetings one member made it clear that it was an issue for him to travel into town, we tried to come up with a solution where we could meet halfway but that still couldn’t work for another member. And the other member couldn’t come due to having work but was fine as he did end up contributing
  • My solution for next time is to maybe try and do online meetings at a time where it would suit everybody else this would mean that no one would have to travel and could do it at a later time, at night for instance.

Overall I’m still happy with how things went and i’m excited to see the results.

DES 501 Team Meeting 6 Reflection 3

Today we had our last meeting for our assignment. Honestly it was such a relief knowing we no longer had to do anymore work on that assignment again. I feel in the end we didn’t do too bad of a job, not the best but we were able to submit a finished report and i was happy with how it turned out in the end.

Teams, Teams, and more Teams-COM502

What makes an ineffective team? How do you overcome ineffective team members?

  • I feel that what contributes the most to having an ineffective team is when a member doesn’t pull their weight. I have found this to be a problem in nearly every group project i have been in. It makes it frustrating as it lets the whole team down. Saying that i have found by talking to the member about it and explain to them if they’re are unsure or keep nudging them in a nice way to get on with their task generally helps.

What makes a good team? How can you make the team better?

  • I think what makes a really good team is, funny enough ‘communication’ i feel that if everyone is communicating with each other about the assignment or asking each other what they need to do or how they do it always helps and gets everyone working together. I find by trying to get know my team members better helps this process as i try to make myself approachable if they need help.

What makes a great team? How can you keep the team great?

  • I feel that in order to make a great team, again communication has to be very strong between one another I also feel that having regular meetings and going over the assignment and sharing out the workload evenly can make a great team. To keep the team great i feel, again get to know your team members better become good friends with them i feel this can add a strong impact towards keeping it great.

How can teams work effectively and efficiently?

  • Communicate with each other
  • Regular meetings
  • Share the workload

Effectiveness and efficiency of your team so far

I feel that our team is working pretty well together we’re a little bit behind on we would like us to be but everyone has been turning up to team meetings and each doing the tasks we have set.

How important is it to have an effective and efficient team in your:

Current class of COM502?

  • I feel that its very important in order to get through the assignments you have to work as a team and learn how to work with one another.

Overall certificate/diploma/degree programme?

  • Again very important, there is no way i’m going to be able to get my Bachelors degree with out having to work with others. It wont be achievable by myself

Potential future employment?

  • And the answer is….Important! From what iv learned, seen and experienced you always in some way work together as a team.

DES 501 Team Meeting 5 Reflection 2

With only having one day to go until the assessment is due we finally were all able to get together and go over what we have done on our report and add what others have done and add it into the report.  I’m happy with how our report is looking we just need a few to make a few touch ups and finish our conclusion hence why we decided to schedule another meeting for tomorrow morning to finish it up.

DES 501 Team Meeting 4 Reflection 1

It was good managing to schedule a meeting with the team during the holidays. It was good to go over the report and talk about it in person. I feel we have made good progress with the report, mostly everyone is contributing into it.  We still need to go over a few things in person so hopefully we can schedule another meeting next week.

Its quite annoying this being our 4th meeting and only 3 of us can make the meetings i feel this assessment would be a lot easier if the whole group could make the meetings so we could go over it in person. I hope next week if we have a meeting that everyone can make it.