DES 501 Team Meeting 4 Reflection 1

It was good managing to schedule a meeting with the team during the holidays. It was good to go over the report and talk about it in person. I feel we have made good progress with the report, mostly everyone is contributing into it.  We still need to go over a few things in person so hopefully we can schedule another meeting next week.

Its quite annoying this being our 4th meeting and only 3 of us can make the meetings i feel this assessment would be a lot easier if the whole group could make the meetings so we could go over it in person. I hope next week if we have a meeting that everyone can make it.

Team Meeting Number 2- COM502

I was happy with how our meeting went to today everyone was involved in conversation and we all decided on a topic we have to go and each research.  I was a bit disappointed with the recording, the quality was a lot better but the audio was very quiet.

Can already see a little bit of progression in our meetings with everyone communicating and i feel this will get even better as the weeks go on. Its also good to have issues as we do with the recordings because it requires us to problem solve so we can work out the best way to do it.

Team Meeting Number 1- COM502

I felt our first meeting was good as we realized for our next meetings we have improve how we do it in order to have a better meeting. Our video recording was not good as it wasn’t clear and was hard to hear and understand what we were saying. We have now decided to use a video camera.  We also discussed that we need to come prepared with some notes so we have things to talk about and share some ideas.

I feel we are off to a good start and i’m confident that the rest of our group meetings are going to work out well.

Team Activities- COM502

I found that the first activity that we did the blindfold not so challenging, i say this because i did it with someone who i knew i could trust and felt confident he was going to lead me the right way.

The next activity was a bit more complicated. I found that it was difficult trying to tell the blindfolded person exactly what to do i had to really be specific in what i was trying to say otherwise they could of easily done it wrong.

Our team struggled quite a lot with the balloon challenge i was the person not having to do anything but all i wanted to do was jump in and help i found it to be rather frustrating as nothing was working for us but it was also funny to.

The final challenge, when i was first told how to do it, i was thinking how is this even hard seems like such a simple activity. I was totally wrong it was very frustrating, it was hard to work together as a team to try make everyone go down at the same time and you could feel each team members frustration as it was just not working at all.

These activities were good to do as it gave us a time to bond and get familiar with each other before jumping into our team assignment.

DES 501 Assessment 1 Reflection 3

After finally getting in contact with Geeks on Wheels via Facebook i was told they were going to pass my message on to the team and they would get back either by phone or by email. I decided just to complete my assignment as i didn’t want to have waited until the very last minute. I wish i had tried to contact them earlier but in saying that i could of got the same result.

Observing Body Language- COM502

On the 11/03/2017 my girlfriend and I were sitting at Robert Harris Cafe having lunch when I decided to sit in the middle of the cafe and observe everyone’s body language.

My first observation I focused on peoples eye contact when they communicate to one another. When walking in to the room you could tell which people were engaged in to a conversation as there was one table of people all giving eye contact to each other as one was speaking, which gave me the impression that were invested in the conversation. Whereas, another table of two were siting side by side not looking at each other or communicating which gave me the impression they were bored or not as sociable.

I then observed body language of people at the cafe. I found a lot of people using hand gestures when they were explaining stories in their conversations. But also found some that didn’t use any gestures at all which could of been because we were at a cafe and people were siting down eating or because they weren’t interested in the conversation.

I found this very interesting as I have never observed how people communicate to each other and what body language they use.

DES 501 Assessment 1 Reflection 2

Today i was working on my assignment researching the IT company I chose which was Geeks on Wheels, and i was looking at the services that they provided. I was quite interested as they provided services i hadn’t heard of or didn’t think IT company’s would do. The service was Smart Phone and Tablet training, i thought this was such a good service to provide to people as it would be really good way for people that aren’t really good at using a smart devices or don’t know how to use one at all to learn how to use one properly being taught by a proper technician. I know this would be really good for the older generation as a lot do struggle with them. Screenshot (5)

DES 501 Assessment 1 Reflection

Today i was looking at IT companies in New Zealand i could use for my Assessment 1 assignment and it was actually a lot harder then i though it was going to be, i searched on google and the there weren’t that many websites that belonged to IT companies just a lot of random pages leading to companies overseas so on.  So i went on Trad Me which provided me with a lot of companies which was good. I went through some until one finally popped out to me which was Geeks on Wheels.The name of course caught my attention and went on to their website and liked how the company looked and how their website was presented.screenshot-6

Overview of this semester

Im quite happy with what i achieved this semester. I feel that i have gained more confidence and my communication skills have changed since the start of the semester. The assignments i did i got high marks on them which really made me happy and boosted my confidence even more. I also feel really comfortable being in that class and being around everyone in that class and like the fact that i have made lots of new friends.